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    Renewable energy sector vital to Cornwall’s economy

    Students have heard how important the sector is to the South West’s economy during a recent study trip to solar and wind farms in Cornwall. Read more

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    UK hails best ever quarter for electric car sales as demand revs up

    Government figure show 5,000 cars were registered under the plug-in grant scheme from July to September, doubling sales compared to the previous quarter. Read more

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    All-in-One Solution: Solar that Stores Its Own Power

    Is it a solar cell? Or a rechargeable battery? Actually, the patent-pending device invented at The Ohio State University is both: the world’s first solar battery. Red more

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    energyfund Cornwall

    Over 5,000 people have shown their support for community energy projects in Cornwall. The initial application stage of energyfund Cornwall closed at 5pm on Sunday 28th September 2014 with support being shown for 28 projects by over 5,000 members of their local communities. 23 community renewable energy projects were taken through to the final application stage, where […]

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  • Anti-fracking camp

    Fracking: government ignores 99% opposition to change trespass law

    After a government consultation resulted in 40,000 objections to changes to trespass laws that would allow energy companies to drill on private land, the government has decided to go on with the reform and ignore the public’s concerns.   Read more

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    Your next boiler probably won’t be oil or gas

    Renewable home heating just became much more affordable, thanks to a new government scheme that offers a fixed payment for each unit of fossil-free heat you generate. The long-delayed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for homes finally launched on 9 April, covering a range of technologies including heat pumps, biomass boilers, andsolar heating systems. Read more    

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  • Energy Bill Revolution

    Labour announces ‘war on cold homes’

    The Labour Party has today announced a ‘war on cold homes’ to end the scandal of fuel poverty.  Caroline Flint, the Shadow Climate and Energy Secretary committed today at the Labour Party Conference to a far more ambitious energy efficiency programme. Read more

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    Help a school win free solar panels

    Friends of the Earth is running a competition for primary schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to win free solar panels. Be part of it by nominating a school of your choice to enter. Whether it’s your kids’ school, the school down the road, or even the school you used to go to, here’s your chance to […]

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    Love Your Old Home: the workbook

    Old homes – how can you make them more energy efficient while protecting their heritage? the Center for Sustainable Energy have have put together a new workbook to help you.   Find out more  

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  • Energyshare Groups Questionnaire

    Groups are changing, but we would like to know what you want most from the new groups section we are creating. This is your chance to help us create an effective platform that will help you engage and motivate your community to make a positive change. Please take the time to fill out the form […]

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  • Community Groups: How to guides

    The Energy Savings Trust has a number of guides that provide invaluable advice and guidance on many issues and subjects that are coved by a series of guides. These are a great starting point if you are thinking about creating your own community energy group, or you are experiencing some issues. How to engage your […]

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    ‘Big six’ energy firms lose further market share

    Britain’s big six energy companies are continuing to lose market share to smaller independent suppliers, new figures show. Added together, the large suppliers now have 92.4% of the market, down from 99.8% five years ago.   Read more

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  • Trillion fund

    Vatican urged to divest from fossil fuels

    Pope Francis has been urged to rid the Vatican of investments in fossil fuels by a global climate change campaign. The petition to the head of the Catholic Church from 350.org is asking the Pope to rid the Vatican Bank from all investments in the fossil fuel industry and to publicly support the growing movement away from […]

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Here at energyshare we are always interested in hearing about and trying new projects to help people take back control of their energy usage and costs. You can find out more about the projects we have been involved in as well as the ones that we have found inspiring or especially helpful.

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