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    energyfund Cornwall is here

    A new, innovative way of accessing online support from your community and securing funding for your project. Cornwall is leading the way with community renewable energy initiatives and energyshare, in partnership with Cornwall Council and other local partners, is launching energyfund Cornwall to support, active and dedicated Cornish communities to realise their ambitions around renewable energy. Find out more

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    BF Adventure’s Big News

    BF Adventure’s wind-powered kids More opportunities are now available for disadvantaged children from Cornwall and across the UK thanks to new wind turbine at BF Adventure. BF Adventure based in Penryn, Cornwall are now able to provide adventure activities and education opportunities for up to 50 more disadvantaged children per year thanks to the installation […]

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  • Wind Turbines

    UK switches on to green power

    Britain is in the midst of a green energy revolution after production soared to record levels, according to new figures which deal a blow to opponents of renewable energy and a potential boost for consumers.   Read more

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  • Ford-FocusElectric_02

    Introducing Ford’s first-ever electric car

    It’s taken a while, but Ford has finally joined the electric car party with its Focus Electric, which is now on sale in the UK. Read more

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  • Fracking or hydraulic fracturing pollution in Texas : Steve Lipsky shows how his well water ignites

    Half of Britain to be opened up to fracking

    The Department for Energy and Climate Change is expected to launch the “14th onshore licensing round”, inviting companies to bid for fracking rights in previously untouched areas of the UK. read more

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  • turbine-installation-complete-at-gwynt-y-mor-370x229

    Blue chips call for standardised green energy label

    A group of leading businesses have this week put forward plans for a new electricity label designed to inform corporate and domestic customers of the carbon content of the power they consume, in a bid to further drive demand for clean energy. read more

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    Five things Greg Barker did for the green industry

    Barker’s vision for Britain was for it to become the “Saudi Arabia of green energy” while London could become the “global hub of green finance”. Read more

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  • electricvehiclecharging

    LG Chem to supply batteries for 200-mile electric cars in 2016

    South Korea’s LG Chem Ltd plans to supply batteries for electric vehicles that can travel more than 200 miles (321 kilometers) per charge in 2016, its chief finiancial officer said on Friday. Read more

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  • 1405342642-delabole

    Rural communities get cash boost for renewable energy projects

    Thirty local renewable energy projects across England are celebrating being the first recipients of the Government’s Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) this year, with over £500,000 assigned to help develop bespoke projects. Read more

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  • 6864741457_cca1e934f2_z-260x195

    Electric vehicles in UK could reach 5 million with right polices, says National Grid

    Government policy and the health of the economy will play a huge role in the uptake of electric cars, a report from the National Grid shows. Strong environmental policy could see the number of electric cars soar to over 5 million in the next two decades it predicts.   Read more

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  • A Brief Guide To: Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps can have a variety of sources that include air and ground. Both sources have guides below. Click here for a brief guide to Ground Source Heat Pumps Click here for a brief guide to Air Source Heat Pumps Click here for a list of Government incentives   Ground Source Heat Pumps Ground Source […]

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  • A Brief Guide To: Solar Energy

    There are two forms of solar energy, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal. Both forms of renewable energy have a brief guide below. Click here for a brief guide to solar photovoltaic Click here for a brief guide to solar thermal Click here for a list of Government financial incentives   Solar Photovoltaic guide Solar panels […]

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  • es_infographic

    energyshare announces energyfund Cornwall

    energyshare announces launch of energyfund Cornwall - an innovative £300,000 grant fund for Cornish community energy projects energyshare is to celebrate Cornwall’s energy pioneers by launching energyfund Cornwall, which will use the power of the community to get support for community-led renewable energy projects. The energyfund Cornwall team are looking for projects at all stages of their renewable journey, from early […]

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Here at energyshare we are always interested in hearing about and trying new projects to help people take back control of their energy usage and costs. You can find out more about the projects we have been involved in as well as the ones that we have found inspiring or especially helpful.

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