About Us

What is energyshare?

energyshare is a cutting edge digital marketing and communications agency that specialises in innovative engagement and behavioural change, helping people make better choices around energy. We operate across the UK with a focus on delivering and showcasing renewables and energy initiatives.

Our Portfolio

Our Vision

energyshare wants to lead an energy revolution - from right here in Cornwall.

We aim  to lead a fundamental shift in engagement with energy, through utilising our power to connect people, government and business.


Our Core Business

- Connecting individuals, groups, government, and business
- Supporting people to save energy and generate their own
- Developing projects to meet market opportunities
- Providing professional services for customers


Our Approach

To help us achieve our vision we have developed a suite of tools and services to help engage people on the subject of energy, including:

- Delivering new fundraising models for community renewable energy projects
- Finding ways to help community energy groups and developers engage local people
- Running digital marketing and communications campaigns
- Creating groundbreaking digital engagement solutions and tools


Our Services

We offer organisations - large and small - a suite of digitally-led services bespoke to their needs, often delivered in ground-breaking ways:

- Strategy
- Communication campaigns
- Engagement tools
- Fund distribution
- Online platforms
- PR & media relations
- Social media
- On and offline marketing
- Branding and design
- Consultancy and delivery

Each campaign and project informs the next and we believe our team has built unrivalled knowledge of how clients can engage their customers in energy initiatives through digital channels.

To discover how energyshare could transform your energy communications, branding and online presence please contact mark.holmes@energyshare.com