About Us

Energy affects everyone’s lives, and pockets, and the way we think about energy here in the UK is changing fast.

Whether you’re trying to reduce your own energy bills, starting to think about where your energy is coming from, or even getting together with your local community to generate your own – the world of renewable energy can be a pretty daunting and confusing place.

Here at energyshare we think that needs to change. In a big way. In order to make a really big difference, we all need to work together. We’ve learnt from our other projects (like River CottageHugh’s Fish Fight,Chicken Out and Landshare) that when you bring together people, communities, organisations and the media, something really BIG can happen.

So energyshare brings people together in person and online to turn the system on its head. It gives everyone the opportunity to source, use and (when you’re ready…) even generate your own 100% British renewable energy – and save money doing it.


Want to work with energyshare – what we do…


Energyshare delivers energy projects for partner organisations and can offer these skills either individually or as a package:
* funding sourcing and advice
* PR and communications
* website design and build
* social media campaign strategy and execution
* video and viral video production
* community engagement
* marketing strategy and execution
* partnership management
* business strategy
* project management
* research

To discover how energyshare could transform your energy communications, branding and online presence please contact mark.holmes@energyshare.com.